Product update

Mimics Innovation Suite 24

On your mission to improve patient care, you need a robust and reliable toolkit that helps you unlock the power of medical imaging data to develop the solutions of tomorrow. The new release of Mimics Innovation Suite makes segmentation, modeling, and design faster and easier, so you can devote more time to making personalized patient care a reality. Ready to discover how upgrading can help you do your best work?

New in 2021

In this update, Mimics Innovation Suite offers three major improvements: smarter segmentation, simplex design of complex models, and 3D models in realistic colors.

Segmentation made smarter

  • Gain additional functionality after downloading two downloadable plugins exclusively for Mimics Innovation Suite users: the Segment Thin Bone plugin and the Compare Masks plugin.
  • Complement Mimics segmentation with AI-enabled automatic segmentation in the Mimics Viewer.
  • Import ultrasound images into Mimics and perform segmentations and analyses that can be incorporated into clinical care.
  • Speed up segmentations with a faster 'Calculate part' tool.

Complex design made simpler

  • Cut anatomical models more intuitively with the new interactive cutting tool
  • Create detachable models more easily by creating connecting parts with the new pins and holes tool
  • Experience a smoother, more personalized workflow with enhanced grouping options
  • Generate lattices that fit non-symmetrical surfaces with an enhanced lattice tool
  • Find tools in fewer clicks with new ribbons menus, a quick access toolbar, and tooltips

3D models in realistic colors

  • Assign realistic colors to 3D-printed or VR models to highlight anatomical structures and defects
  • Optimize your workflow with additional export formats like 3MF, OBJ, and DICOM encapsulated OBJ
  • Use the Mimics Viewer's VR mode to visualize your 3D models in realistic colors

See the updates in action

*AI-enabled refers to numerical algorithms using artificial intelligence including thresholding, machine learning, deep learning, graph-based & model-based segmentation algorithms and combinations thereof which have been locked and validated before being released. It does not refer to any form of adaptive AI/ML