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Frequently asked questions

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  • Are your guides and implants available in the US?

    Cranio-maxilofacial implants and guides are available in the US, distributed by our partner DePuy-Synthes.

    Orthopaedic implants are not available in the US.

    Osteotomy guides are available in the US.

    Knee, shoulder and hip guides are available in the US, distributed by our medical device partners.

  • If I have an interesting case, to whom should I reach out to ask for more information on the process and pricing?

    Please contact and our team will make sure that your request is followed up.

  • Can I plan my own clinical cases in a hospital and ask Materialise to provide guides and/or implants?

    No, we do not provide unique printing services as we consider the planning and design an integral part of the quality assurance of our products.

  • Is Materialise able to support research projects or clinical projects?

    We are involved in research and clinical projects, but evaluate such projects on a case-by-case basis.

  • What are the advantages of a trabecular structure in an implant?

    Osseointegration (the potential for bone in-growth) is the most important advantage, but there are more reasons to opt for a porous structure. The material properties of the porous structure better match the mechanical properties of the bone. In addition, given the potential large size of the defect-filling implants, porous structures allow to reduce the total weight of the implant.

  • What is the link between Materialise and J&J /DePuy Synthes?

    Materialise and DePuy Synthes have a long-lasting partnership in the field of CMF and shoulder guides. For more detailed information, see our press releases.

  • Where can I find the sterilization procedures that are recommended for guides, models and implants?

    You can find all procedures in the instructions for use of the respective products. Contact your account manager to request a copy.

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