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  • If I have an interesting case, to whom should I reach out to ask for more information on the process and pricing?

    You can contact your local sales representative in one of our offices or email to Our team will make sure that your request is followed up.

    Are you new to Materialise and do you already have a case in mind? Then we can work on a 3D Planning report to give you an idea of the solutions we can offer. Fill out this contact form and we’ll get in touch.

  • Can I plan my own clinical cases in a hospital and ask Materialise to provide guides and/or implants?

    No, we do not provide unique printing services as we consider the planning and design an integral part of the quality assurance of our products.

  • What are the advantages of a trabecular structure in an implant?

    Osseointegration (the potential for bone in-growth) is the most important advantage, but there are more reasons to opt for a porous structure. The material properties of the porous structure better match the mechanical properties of the bone. The supporting trabecular augment is made of a highly biocompatible material: Ti6AI4V ELI (a titanium alloy). The back of the light-weighted integrated cup and flanges consist of a porous structure that mimics bone properties designed to improve secondary fixation through bone ongrowth. In addition, given the potential large size of the defect-filling implants, porous structures allow to reduce the total weight of the implant.

  • Is the implant sterile upon delivery?

    The implant and accessories are always delivered non-sterile, so you can feel the parts upfront and prepare yourself better for surgery. Together with the package you will receive the sterilization instructions that clearly explain how the implant should be sterilized at the hospital. If you would want to look into them, contact your local sales representative in one of our offices or email to

  • Do you provide screws with your implant?

    No, we don’t. In the planning report, you will find the number of screws and screw lengths we recommend to use. The aMace solution is compatible with titanium spongiosa (6.5 mm diameter) screws with maximal head height 4.8 mm and head diameter between 7.6 and 8 mm. Based on the screw planning we provide, you’ll know well in advance how many and what sizes you will need, so the team is fully prepared before surgery.

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