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Discover insights from our 3DP specialists and healthcare experts via webinars, tutorials, and documentation on software and medical 3D printing services. Be inspired, and join us in building a better and healthier world.


Mimics Innovation Suite

Mimics Innovation Suite (MIS) is the industry-standard medical image-based engineering software and service.



Personalized Orthopaedic Solutions 

The Materialise Mimics Care Suite is the software and services platform for personalized 3D printing and planning.



Materialise Orthoview 

Orthopaedic surgeons worldwide use Materialise OrthoView to template their procedures and prepare for surgery accurately.



ProPlan CMF

PROPLAN CMF™ empowers surgeons to make critical decisions preoperatively.



Materialise Footscan Suite 

Materialise Footscan Suite is a robust and clinically accepted gait analysis hardware and software solution built to support biomedical research teams.



Materialise Phits Suite 

Materialise Phits Suite is an all-in-one solution that helps you improve your patients' mobility, assisting you from measurement to orthotics.



Mimics inPrint 

Mimics inPrint integrates seamlessly in your hospital’s workflow and quickly converts medical image data (DICOM files) to 3D anatomical models.



3D Printing at Point of Care

Implementing a 3D printing service in a medical center is your most powerful tool for personalizing patient care.


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