TRUMPF Build Processor

Seamless integration between Materialise Software and TruPrint machines

The TRUMPF Build Processor is best-in-class build job creation software, born of a close collaboration between Materialise and TRUMPF. The Build Processor allows users of TRUMPF TruPrint 1000, TruPrint 3000 and TruPrint 5000 machines to access a variety of parameters (such as hatching parameters) in order to successfully manufacture industrial parts. The software is also compatible with Siemens NX.

As part of the Materialise software platform, the TRUMPF Build Processor can be integrated with Materialise Streamics to guarantee traceability, repeatability and more process control. Easy integration with Materialise 3-matic opens up possibilities for slice designs with advanced textures and structures. With the slice-based technology, including an impressive slice speed and sophisticated slicing parameters, large files can be handled easily.


The TRUMPF Build Processor 7.0 comes with the following key features:

  • Maximizes detail resolution by adjusting the beam compensation for inner contours 

  • Increases upfacing surface quality with different parameters for additional exposures of up-skin areas 

  • Reduces support structures through selective exposure of overhangs with classic down-skin exposure strategies 

  • Prevent overheating by adding a delay between laser paths e.g. in thin regions 

  • Increase productivity with a selective hatch exposure and a jump path reduction for small islands 

  • Increase traceability by adding the used parameter set and the Magics Machine Configuration File to the file output. 

For additional information, please get in touch with TRUMPF.

More information

Process Flow with the TRUMPF Build Processor

Key Benefits

  • One system to serve all your machines
  • Machine-specific parameter management
  • Hatching options and patters: In-skin, Up-skin, Down-skin areas can be scanned with chess pattern, stripes, offset or no pattern
  • Extended exposure type defaults for supports
  • High degree of automation to reduce risk of human error
  • Fast slice speed
  • Slicing parameters: to fill gaps, unify slices, filter contour and reduce points
  • Allows slice-based technology
  • Data quality checks in Materialise Magics before processing
  • Increase Productivity with Jump Optimized Supports and advanced support options
  • Job file traceability possible via Materialise Streamics integration
  • Outsourcing of data processing to a dedicated server in Materialise Streamics environment
  • Upgrades independent from Materialise Magics
  • Compatibility with Siemens NX
  • Modern and straightforward user interface
  • Compatibility with most Windows OS versions
  • Up-skin remelting to improve up-facing surface quality
  • Multiple down-skin instances per layer to achieve lower overhang angles without support
  • Virtual Copies of parts to decrease processing time and ensure identical vectors and exposure