TRUMPF Build Processor

A seamless connection between Materialise software and TruPrint machines

Access a variety of parameters to successfully manufacture parts using TRUMPF TruPrint machines. This software was made in collaboration with TRUMPF and is compatible with Siemens NX. 

External view of the TRUMPF TruPrint 3000 printer

Key benefits 

Extensive compatibility

One system serves all of your machines and is compatible with Materialise software and most Windows OS versions.

Machine-specific parameter management

Choose hatching options and patterns, extended exposure-type defaults for supports, and slicing parameters.

Cover the full workflow

Hexagon icon with white, gray, blue, and yellow triangles

1. Data and build preparation 

Fix, edit, support, place, and nest parts 

Icon of a 3D printer

2. Machine communication  

Assign parameters, slice, and hatch  

Icon of a 3D printer printing a cube

3. Printing 

Build 3D-printed parts with clear instructions for the printer 


Maximum detail resolution

Adjust beam compensation for inner contours.

Increase upfacing surface quality

Use different parameters for additional exposures of up-skin areas.

Reduce support structure

Apply selective exposure of overhangs with classic down-skin exposure strategies.

Prevent overheating

Add a delay between laser paths, e.g., in thin regions.

Increased productivity

Use a selective hatch exposure and a jump path reduction for small islands.

Increase traceability

Add the used parameter set and Magics Machine Configuration File to the file output.

TRUMPF Build Processor details

Latest release 

  • Version 8.0

Compatible machine models 

  • TRUMPF TruPrint 1000 
  • TRUMPF TruPrint 2000 
  • TRUMPF TruPrint 3000 
  • TRUMPF TruPrint 5000 

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