Concept Laser Build Processor

Materialise Build Processor for Concept Laser’s LaserCUSING Technology

The collaboration between Concept Laser and Materialise has led to the release of a new machine software, tailored to Concept Laser’s 3D printing machines.

The Concept Laser Build Processor serves as the interface between Materialise’s software platform and Concept Laser’s metal 3D printers. Thanks to the compatibility between the Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite and CAD software, users experience a seamless interaction from CAD design to printed part. The seamless transfer of data with Materialise Magics enables users to print more complex and better quality parts with the maximum amount of success.

The software is also well-reputed for its slicing capability and contour path generation algorithms. It automates machine communication and is very intuitive.

To better streamline the 3D printing process, the software is also compatible with 3-matic software. This means that the AM data preparation process has expanded to allow slice-based technology, enabling the improved handling of large files, such as those containing the metadata of texturing or structures.


Key Benefits


  • Benefit from a seamless integration with data preparation in a single software package (both Materialise and Siemens NX software)
  • Reduce human error possibility with automated file transfer: from data preparation to machine
  • Build job generation happens behind the scenes
  • Do complex calculations on a dedicated server with remote processing
  • Benefit from support and regular updates of the software


Slicing Algorithms

  • Enjoy the benefits of high-performant slicing algorithms with advanced slice viewer
  • Slice parameters available per part
  • Even very complex parts and platforms are quickly handled


Integrated and Advanced Lattice Design (Materialise 3-matic)

  • Handle complex designs such as porous, lattice and lightweight structures; labels; and textures with Materialise’s unique slice-based technology.

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