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A great design for Additive Manufacturing usually starts with a CAD design, a topology optimized model, a simulation, or scanned data as input. To benefit from the possibilities that 3D Printing offers, you need a versatile tool to make design modifications on the mesh level.

With Materialise 3-matic, you can clean up rough data for simulation or convert your mesh back to CAD. In addition, it allows you to enhance your design by creating 3D textures, lattice structures and conformal structures, ready for Additive Manufacturing.

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Why choose Materialise 3-matic

Experience Unprecedented Freedom of Design

Experience Unprecedented Freedom of Design

With our design optimization software, you can fully personalize your products and create models that were impossible to produce with traditional manufacturing methods.

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Master Part Properties

Master Part Properties

Master the physical properties of your part. Change aerodynamic, acoustic and cushioning properties or characteristics, increase grip or control the density of your part with porous structures.

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Rely on Complete Platform

Rely on a Complete Platform

Materialise 3-matic is integrated with Materialise Magics and other solutions from our extensive software suite.

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Features of Materialise 3-matic

Design Optimization

Materialise 3-matic is a 3D modeling software program that enables design optimization and modification on mesh level, using CAD designs, scanned data and topology optimized models as a starting point.

Post-Topology Optimization

Materialise 3-matic lets you redesign rough surfaces outputted by topology optimization. This prevents complicated freeform modeling work when moving to CAD, as well as more complexity and possible stress concentrations for FEA.

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Textures, Patterns and Perforations

With the Texturing Module, you can directly apply textures, perforations and patterns to complex 3D shapes within an STL file. Textures provide extra value to your Additive Manufacturing projects by adding functionality or an aesthetic dimension.

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Lattice, Conformal and Porous Structures

The Lightweight Module allows you to create directly printable internal and external structures that add extra strength, provide cushioning, increase porosity, or simply reduce the weight of your design.

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Convert Mesh to CAD

Easily covert your mesh file to a CAD file format with the Materialise 3-matic CAD Link Module. The conversion will recognize the analytical shapes in your part, and generates a fully parametric file without having to design from scratch.

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VTT Presents an Organic Lightweight Hydraulic Valve

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    “Materialise 3-matic contains more elaborate smoothing and repair functions than other software packages. The surface processing and creation of volume meshes give this package an advantage above the competition”
    Max van de Kolk, Student TUDelft

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