Efficiently obtain accurate 3D anatomical models from CT or MRI data

With the Mimics segmentation tool, you can quickly manually or semi-automatically segment complex anatomical regions from various scan types and turn them into geometrical accurate 3D surface models. These virtual models can be used for a variety of applications like anatomical measurements, planning of a surgical procedure, generation of meshes for finite element analysis and design of patient specific implants or surgical instruments. Orthopaedic and cranio-maxillofacial researchers and patient specific device manufacturers often choose Mimics, because it allows them to efficiently obtain 3D bone models from CT or MRI scans with sub-millimeter geometrical accuracy [1] .

For cardiovascular applications, you can create 3D heart model in a few minutes, using a combination of dedicated heart segmentation algorithms and user friendly manual tools, making Mimics the most commonly used solution for applications like 3D printing of congenital heart defect models [2]

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You can confidently choose Mimics Innovation Suite to:

  • Import DICOM data from CT or MRI scans

  • Segment the anatomical region of interest with semi-automatic and manual tools

  • Create 3D surface models and verify the geometrical accuracy on your images

  • Visualize the segmented complex anatomy from all angles

  • Examine, manipulate, measure and engineer directly on anatomical data

Anatomical Analysis of Skeletal Structures

distance, angle, length, distance over surface measurements

“It is the most complete package on the market right now for medical segmentation. ”

– Erik Gaasedelen

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