FEA/CFD Preparation
Taking FEA from theory to patient care

Imagine you could not only predict the fit of a new device, but also its long-term functionality in the patient’s body. Patient specific Finite Element Analysis is gradually being adopted in the development of new devices, and even for planning for patient treatment. Being able to efficiently create a high-quality patient-specific FEA mesh from medical image data in an easy way with the Mimics Innovation Suite, brings you one step closer to a real clinical application.

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Our strategic partnerships allow seamless transition from meshes created in the Mimics Innovation Suite to:

  • ANSYS Fluent

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Create high-quality FEA or CFD meshes for complex anatomical geometries

  • Obtain optimized surface meshes

  • Create highly accurate tetrahedral volume meshes

  • Obtain detailed analytics of your mesh and improve mesh quality

  • Refine your meshes based on geometrical characteristics

  • Combine CAD parts to your anatomical 3D models and create multi-part meshes without losing accuracy on your CAD parts

  • Create complex non-manifold (multi-part) meshes

  • Map gray values from your CT data to assign heterogeneous material properties

  • Choose from a number of tools to define flat surfaces, curved surfaces, or custom regions as boundaries, element sets, or node sets  

  • Feature-based meshing (high curvature and thin regions)

  • Link to all major FEA and CFD solvers



Obtain high-quality meshes faster, even with challenging cases

Your FEA mesh preparation workflow has been drastically improved with new robust algorithms to create uniform meshes and non-manifold assemblies, an improved link to your FE solver and a simplified user interface. In this version, it will be easier for a novice to get started with FEA meshing, while experienced users will be able to complete more challenging cases in less time.

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