What are the research requirements?

We are looking for submissions that:

  • are innovative

  • are new and inspiring applications and approaches to personalized care, enable scalability of personalized care or create clinical or economical evidence for personalized care

  • are from research conducted in the last three years

  • were conducted using Materialise Medical software  (Mimics, 3-matic, PROPLAN CMFTM, Mimics inPrint, Mimics Enlight, OrthoView)

  • have not been submitted to the Mimics Innovation Award jury previously

What are the submission requirements?

Entries must be:

  • a published or an unpublished article of 10 pages or less

  • in English

  • in .pdf format

  • comprised of the following sections: abstract, methods, results, conclusions, and high-quality pictures

  • have not been submitted to the Mimics Innovation Award jury previously

What is personalized care?

Personalized care is defined broadly: it can be personalized devices, personalized planning for standard devices, or the improvement of standard devices using population data. Other categories include pre-operative predictive planning, personalized materials, and intra-operative guidance.

Who can participate?

Any person, group of persons, company, or group of companies can be a candidate for the Mimics Innovation Awards. Each corresponding author may submit only once per year.

How is the winner selected?

All submissions will be evaluated by an independent, international jury of experts according to the following criteria:

  • Quality

  • Originality

  • Role of Materialise Medical software

  • Social Impact

  • have not been submitted to the Mimics Innovation Award jury previously.

Alternatively, if the jury does not find that any of the submitted articles meet the expected criteria, no award will be given.

Do you have the rights to submit your findings?

Candidates must have all the rights necessary to submit their article. By applying, you grant Materialise the right to use your submission for possible marketing purposes. You agree to fully co-operate with Materialise, and all relevant concerns, in particular copyright issues, will be taken into account. 

You may be offered the opportunity to present your research at one of our events that include attendees such as researchers, engineers, medical professionals, and the like, from around the world.

Materialise cannot be held liable for any circumstances which would cause an impediment to the usual and good course of Mimics Innovation Awards, and for any claim by any third party, whether related to copyright issues or any other.

Every candidate who has submitted an application for the Mimics Innovation Awards is deemed to have accepted this regulation. Materialise reserves the right to modify this regulation unilaterally. In case of modification, participants will be informed.


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