Mimics Innovation Awards

Celebrating the people advancing healthcare through mass personalization breakthroughs


The Mimics Innovation Awards celebrate some of the most meaningful innovations and open our minds to far reaching, impactful possibilities we never even imagined before... It is a moment each year when we reward the hard work and dedication of people all around the globe who dedicate their lives to creating a better and healthier world.

— Fried Vancraen, CEO Materialise


The global mind

A bionic “heart” for testing cardiac devices

How do you create a lifelike heart for pre-clinical testing of cardiac devices? That’s what Clara Park and Yiling Fan of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard Medical School focused their brilliant minds on.

By combining organic and robotic materials, they developed a ‘hybrid’ or ‘bionic’ heart. Research of significant value given the rising need for cardiac devices and interventions. 


Hall of fame 

Since 2005, more than 50 Mimics Innovation Awards have been granted to the most forward-thinking researchers. Researchers who shared and applied their knowledge to the benefit of mass personalization in healthcare. 

Get to know these brilliant minds and their contributions at our MIA hall of fame. 


Life after winning a Mimics Innovation Award

Since 2005, the Materialise Mimics Innovation Awards (MIA) have been showcasing researchers who push the boundaries of medical innovation. The competition offers international recognition and a monetary prize, empowering winners to continue their research.  

Participants come from universities, hospitals, medical device companies and research centers that use the Materialise Mimics Innovation Suite software.