Additive Manufacturing

Enter Serial Production with Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing has proven that it’s capable of great things: transforming supply chains, empowering customization, disrupting entire industries. With the right application and the right design approach, serial production with 3D printing is the future reality.

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Choose Additive Manufacturing
When You Need To…

  • Design complex components without adding cost

  • Create functional designs without manufacturing limitations

  • Revise and update designs constantly

  • Skip investment in manufacturing tools

  • Shorten time to market

  • Eliminate stock-related costs and risks

SHUNK Grippers

Additive Manufacturing for End-Use Parts

Additive manufacturing helps you not only to reduce lead times and total cost of complex components, it allows you to improve their performance, weight and functionality too. 3D Printing is used to create functional end-use components in plastics as well as metals for:

  • Industrial machines and equipment

  • Automotive vehicles and aircraft

  • Personalized consumer products

  • Customized production tools and tooling

  • Medical devices and models

A Certified Additive Manufacturing Service

When you start series production, you want to be certain that the manufacturing process meets your industry requirements. At Materialise Manufacturing, we offer you a state-of-the-art facility that has the capacity to manufacture your projects on time, with the quality you expect. You can rely on the support of our experts in your region with decades of expertise in 3D printing, backed by a certified quality management system.

No matter what stage your project is at — initial concept, prototyping, testing, or even production — talk to us about how we can deliver you the best of additive manufacturing.

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Additive Manufacturing

Technologies & Materials

We believe that every designer should be able to develop products without being limited by technology or material availability. In our state-of-the-art Factory for 3D Printing, you can choose from seven technologies and over thirty materials. Rest assured that you’ll always find a solution for your application, and a combination of technology, materials and finishes to shape it with.

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Trying to get your 3D printing project off the ground?

Join us in a co-creation partnership! Make us your sparring partner for product innovation, and discover new potential for additive manufacturing in applications that drive truly meaningful innovation.

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3D Print Barometer

Wondering if a part is suitable for 3D printing? Run it through the 3D Print Barometer to see whether your design would benefit from 3D printing for manufacturing!

Test your own part

3D Print Barometer
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Cloud-Based 3D Printing Solutions

Looking to offer a cloud-based 3D printing solution to your customers? With the free i.materialise APIs, you can embed a complete 3D printing service into your website.  Easy to integrate and customizable, these i.materialise software tools streamline the printing process while ensuring you maintain control over your brand.

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