The Impact of Implementing 3D Printing at the Point-of-Care

by Todd Pietila Global Business Development Manager for Hospital 3D Printing, Materialise

3D printing at the point of care has taken off since the first patient-specific anatomical models were created from medical imaging data as early as 1981. Given the momentum of the industry and mounting patient-care evidence, the outlook for 3D printing is positive and growth is expected to continue. 

What you will learn

  • Proof points on why 3D printing is changing the way doctors plan surgeries, including for complex congenital heart disease and urological cases
  • Economic benefits of 3D printing at the point-of-care through cost-saving and avoidance
  • The value of 3D prints in learning and outreach, such as for clinical training sessions, explaining cases to patients and for marketing and public relations.
  • How 3D printing spurs innovation at hospitals, opening the possibility for obtaining research grants, prototyping new ideas


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