Point-of-Care 3D Printing: From Scan to Personalized Treatment in Hospitals

About this webinar

3D planning and printing have enabled clinicians to go from scan to personalized treatment, including patient-matched, 3D-printed anatomical models, manufactured directly at hospitals: the point of care. In this webinar, you hear from Dr. Michael Wagels, a pioneering surgeon, and his multidisciplinary team at Princess Alexandra Hospital, on their experience in setting up and implementing a 3D planning service in the hospital and the value it provides to their patients. 

What you will learn

  • What the major considerations are for implementing 3D printing in hospitals
  • How Princess Alexandra Hospital successfully uses medical 3D printing at the point of care today, with use cases
  • How Princess Alexandra Hospital’s 3D lab operates and the keys to their success


Dr. Michael Wagels

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon, Princess Alexandra Hospital

Ross Kent

Clinically Applied Digital Innovations Engineer, ACCISS

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