Empowering the NPI Process in Additive Manufacturing for the Aerospace and Medical Industries

Two Materialise employees discuss a project on a small tablet.

About this webinar

Certified production for aerospace and medical components usually follows a new product introduction (NPI) process. This approach includes process qualification and the formation of production controls — two areas that present unique challenges for additive manufacturing (AM).

In this webinar, you'll learn how our aerospace and medical NPI teams overcome such challenges and thrive using our AM software solutions. Additionally, you’ll gain insight into their current tools and how they’re optimizing their NPI processes even further — with help from AI and its ability to process complex layer imaging and sensor data in real time.

What you will learn

  • Gain insight into the challenges of metal research and process validation for high-end AM production
  • Discover how to navigate certain scenarios, like solving the complexity around correlating multiple AM-specific input and output process parameters during an NPI procedure.
  • Learn about our certified in-house AM production and how we’ve been producing 3D-printed aircraft components for Airbus since 2015 
  • See how AM software solutions like Quality Process Control and Layer Analysis found in our CO-AM Software Platform can optimize your NPI process and bring further efficiencies to your AM production


Jan Van Espen

Product Manager for Incubator Data Intelligence, Materialise Software

Lieve Boeykens

Software Solution Strategist, Materialise Software

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