Improving Investment Casting Processes with 3D-Printed Stereolithography Patterns


About this webinar

Investment casting is one of the oldest metal-forming techniques that is still around today, and it constantly evolves to suit the needs of the current era. In this webinar, experts from Materialise and Stratasys will discuss the advantages of using stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing patterns over traditional methods.

Learn how to achieve best-in-class 3D-printed patterns repeatedly and automate support generation with Materialise software for optimized structures, reduced preparation time, minimized errors, and simplified post-processing.

What you will learn

  • How to use investment casting and SLA patterns to meet your needs
  • Tips on the best design for SLA patterns with tetra lattices to reduce weight and material costs
  • How to automate support generation to save time, minimize errors, and simplify post-processing
  • How to improve every step of the process with high-quality and precise 3D-printed casts


Lieve Boeykens

Sales and Pre-Sales Enablement Manager, Materialise Software

Jeremy Levecq

Application Engineer, Materialise

Eric Yeung

Commercial Lead SL & P3, Stratasys

Scott Nordlund

Senior Account Manager, Stratasys

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