Fmhofmann COSMOS Eyewear Collection: Bringing a New Dimension to Customization

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Man wearing eyeglasses from fmhofmann’s Cosmos collection

For their groundbreaking COSMOS eyewear collection, fmhofmann combined a titanium 3D-printed hinge with 3D-printed polyamide frames; an industry first. To scale this new summit of all-printed eyewear, Berlin-based designer Fabián Hofmann collaborated with Materialise to benefit from our expertise in 3D printing. 

The modularity of this collection is a nod to one of the biggest trends in the eyewear industry today: customization. COSMOS features exchangeable components, enabling consumers to craft a unique frame for themselves — think temple arms in different sizes, add-on visors and windbreakers, and one supremely adjustable hinge element. 

Three models in black and white wearing eyeglasses from fmhofmann’s Cosmos collection

 Bringing design DNA to life in 3D printing 

For the COSMOS collection, Hofmann created a series of exquisitely stylish eyewear pieces with a classic vintage look and they’re completely 3D-printed. Hofmann’s in-depth understanding of 3D printing was integral to the design process, notes Alireza Parandian, Head of Global Business Strategy for AM Wearables at Materialise. 

“With his background not only in design but also in engineering, Fabián brings a unique perspective to the development cycle. He was well-versed with what the technology could offer, and used this knowledge consciously to design in a way that would make the most of the technology. 

“I believe that this expertise is at the foundation of his design style: the unique curves and angles that COSMOS uses would not be possible without an understanding of what the technology does best.” 

Black and white headshot of man looking directly at camera wearing 3D-printed glasses

The VOID hinge is of particular interest; Hofmann designed it and we put our engineering expertise to the test in order to bring his vision to life. It’s startlingly simple, yet features a complex combination of different 3D-printed materials, a testament to the precision engineering required to realize the designs. 

The process of envisioning a new product is always a team effort! I believe that our joint specialist crews at Materialise and fmhofmann eyewear have entered a new stage in additive design thinking together.

— Fabián Hofmann, Founder of fmhofmann 

The hinge component and custom screws are all printed in titanium, and allow the wearer to easily disconnect the polyamide (PA) frame and interchange components. There are five temple arms in different sizes the wearer can choose from, not to mention accessories such as visors, windbreakers, and shades that can be added onto the eyewear frames. 

Hofmann’s signature style influenced the surface finish aesthetic on the 3D-printed frames to deliver the luxurious look and feel of leather. This a stunning example of how design influences the manufacture with 3D printing to create something truly unique. 

Blending design with precision engineering 

The creation of a new 3D-printed eyewear range requires the perfect interplay between the designers’ vision and manufacturing realities. The collaboration between Materialise and Fabián Hofmann started when we first became active in the eyewear industry around 2014.  

From those first projects, we developed a long, successful partnership that allowed us to combine expertise from both sides. Listening to Hofmann explain his design vision, our engineers translated this into a precise engineering concept that could be realized with 3D printing. At the same time, the engineers are learning from Hofmann what is most important to keep in mind when creating and manufacturing eyewear. The alignment of these different realities results in unique products that stand out from the rest of the market. 

“Our commitment to elegance and comfort, as well as our years of experience with the eyewear industry has forged strong partnerships. We always strive to stay ahead of the game, and the 3D-printed titanium hinge we devised together with Fabián Hofmann for the COSMOS collection is a testament to the way in which we use 3D printing to create the highest value possible in the market,” says Alireza Parandian at Materialise. 

Hofmann agrees, saying, “The process of envisioning a new product is always a team effort! I believe that our joint specialist crews at Materialise and fmhofmann eyewear have entered a new stage in additive design thinking together. 

"Now that 3D printing has arrived in a broader market, and printed consumer goods are finding an ever-growing audience, I strongly believe that we should not stop at this point for serial production alone, but push the boundaries even harder, striving to reach a new advanced level of sophistication and product quality.” 


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