Top 4 Ways to Get the Full Value out of Your 3D Printing Software

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Due to the financial impact of COVID-19 on businesses, many are reassessing their resources to see if they’re getting the full value out of every tool and process. While reviewing your own use of 3D printing software, there are some key software offers you should utilize to ensure you’re using your tools to their maximum capability. Without keeping up on these advantages, you could face the possibility of falling behind on the latest industry best practices, lacking the latest software tools, and risking unexpected fees.

By adhering to our top four tips, you can be confident that you’re getting your money’s worth out of additive manufacturing (AM) software.

1. Stay up-to-date

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly developing field. New materials, technologies, and processes are constantly being introduced. Software needs to keep up, so companies frequently release new tools and enhanced processes relevant to the latest industry advancements.

Various colorful digital 3D designs nested into a box
We offer our maintenance customers free software upgrades, and our latest data prep software introduced our fastest nesting yet.

For this reason, it’s hugely beneficial to keep up with the latest versions of your software and regularly update its features. Say your factory plans to incorporate a material recently introduced to the market. Chances are there are specific tools you should operate during the data prep phase in order to get the most out of that material, such as support structure generation or nesting. To meet the full potential of your investments in industry inventions, you’ll need the most recent software version or module made to enable time- and money-saving benefits for that particular technology.

2. Expand your knowledge

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Learn tips and tricks for the latest software upgrades directly from experts.

In an ever-growing technology-based industry such as AM, it’s crucial to keep up with your skills. As processes and software develop, new features and functions are constantly introduced that could positively impact the way you work. Be sure to continuously educate yourself on these advancements to improve your services and  take full advantage of every capability that your software has to offer.

You can do so by joining training courses and beta programs to learn from specialists and experience the latest advancements in AM software. At Materialise, we offer free update workshops throughout the year for maintenance customers to learn the newest functions directly from our team as well as beta programs to hear your thoughts on our newest innovations first. This way, you can have a hand in ensuring that the next edition of your software suits your exact needs.

3. Access excellent support

Customer support officer smiling with his headset on
With our software maintenance package, we offer free worldwide direct support.

When you’re experiencing trouble with your software, finding quick, helpful support is essential. Your software is critical to your workflow, so get the assistance you need right away to avoid losing time on your projects.

For our maintenance customers, we offer free worldwide direct support. With this service, customers can quickly get the assistance they need and resume their work immediately. We also provide responsive support in order to ensure the best possible experience at all times. For example, as most companies implemented remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, we offered flexible software licenses to make the transition to homeworking seamless.

“Magics is the most user-friendly file fixing software we’ve used, and the support we’ve experienced has always been quick, professional, and sometimes beyond what we could wish for,” says Gary Miller, Head of European Partner and Market Development at Carbon.

4. Avoid future expenses

Imagine you’ve experienced a car accident without any insurance. You’d surely wish you had an insurance policy to cover any costs and offer you support. This is a similar case with your software. If you’re not subscribed to a software maintenance package, you face the expensive risk of paying for support and license transfers that would be covered with maintenance.

As mentioned, our maintenance package also includes software upgrades. Without this coverage, you’ll face costly investments each time your company needs to revamp your software or add on new modules. With a maintenance package, you won’t need to worry about adding updates to the budget each time a new one is introduced.

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