Concept to collection, certified manufacturing for eyewear

As an industry and as a product, eyewear has unique requirements that Materialise has invested in discovering, respecting and exceeding. Creating an eyewear collection that reflects your brand identity and meets your quality goals requires a close collaboration that puts your needs first. From co-creating designs to scaling up production, we’re here to support your brand.



The truly transformative potential of 3D printing only gets realized when you combine the forces of market knowledge and 3D printing expertise. That’s why we invite eyewear brands to collaborate closely with us and merge your industry experience, knowledge and creativity with our know-how and niche tools for creating 3D-printed eyewear. The result is a multidisciplinary dream team that will unlock the hidden potential of 3D printing for your brand.


Design & Engineering

When you want to make the most of 3D printing and create a collection that stands out from the rest, design plays the most crucial role. We have an international team of highly specialized designers and CAD engineers to support your eyewear brand with dedicated design and software support for additive manufacturing. Whether you’re starting off on a clean slate and want support in your initial concept design for a new collection, or already have experience with 3D printing eyewear and want to take it to the next level, our eyewear team is happy to meet you at any stage.


Research & Development

3D printing technology is both cutting edge and dynamic. Our in-house R&D department is constantly exploring new materials, production technologies, colors, and post-production techniques, to keep our eyewear customers ahead of the curve. As a certified manufacturing partner to eyewear brands, we make it our business to not only explore what’s new but also manage strict testing and validation processes, so you can benefit from cutting-edge technologies when they’re market-ready.



Every collection is unique but every frame demands the same high quality. We have honed the 3D printing process to the exacting requirements of the eyewear industry. Designated machines are tuned for 3D printing eyewear frames. With our in-house software expertise, we use advanced parameter control to maintain tight tolerances and deliver superior quality every time. And what’s more, we fine-tune the process to the smallest detail in line with your specific collection requirements.


Mass Customization

Looking into mass customization as a business model for your eyewear brand? Materialise has unparalleled experience in designing and implementing end-to-end digital supply chains, supporting our partners to offer custom glasses. Get in touch to discover how you can use our customization platform, starting from 3D scanning the end-user to parametric design automation to 3D printing production.