Eyewear Manufacturing

Power of a factory, quality of an atelier

As an industry and as a product, eyewear has unique requirements that need to be mastered to deliver reliable, repeatable, and scalable quality. Our dedicated production line for 3D-printed eyewear, developed specifically to meet these exacting demands and evolving continuously, means we have the trusted infrastructure and teams to support you at whatever stage you’re at. 

Gloved hands removing 3D-printed Odette Lunettes eyewear frames from a powder bed
Eyewear professionals sitting at a table, reviewing color samples
Two people at a desk, looking a 3D design of eyewear frames
Row of EOS laser sintering 3D printers in a Materialise production facility
3D-printed eyewear frames in various colors lying in a circle
Person checking the quality of 3D-printed eyewear under a light
Black smart safety glasses by Iristick on a white background
Eyewear professional and patient using the custom fit scanner in and eyewear facility

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