SLM Build Processor

A partnership for better SLM machine integration

The SLM Build Processor creates printing jobs based on a build profile validated by SLM Solutions for SLM 3D printers. This software is built specifically for SLM machines to ensure building strategies that result in parts of the highest quality. 

Top half of an SLM 500 HL 3D printer

Cover the full workflow

Hexagon icon with white, gray, blue, and yellow triangles

1. Data and build preparation 

Fix, edit, support, place, and nest parts 

Icon of a 3D printer

2. Machine communication  

Assign parameters, slice, and hatch  

Icon of a 3D printer printing a cube

3. Printing 

Build 3D-printed parts with clear instructions for the printer 


Improves build quality

Increases speed

Apply predefined formulas


Build platform cost estimation

SLM Build Processor details

Latest release 

  • Version 3.4

Compatible machine models 

  • SLM 125 HL 
  • SLM 500 HL Quad 
  • SLM 250 HL 
  • SLM 500 HL Twin 
  • SLM 800 HL Quad 
  • SLM 280 HL Single 
  • SLM 280 HL Twin 
  • SLM NXG 600

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