Automate the design and ordering process of tailored grippers


Automated engineering and co-creation with Materialise

Software used

Tailored Materialise software, Materialise Streamics


Design and order in 15 min


Service bureaus

Design & Order in 15 Minutes

With just a few mouse clicks on the web-based, license-free eGrip application, the order is on its way. Users just have to upload STEP or STL data of the part to grip, and add specific information such as weight, gripper base, extraction direction and relative position of the part to the gripper. The software automatically configures the gripper fingers around the part, generating the optimal finger design, and immediately gives price and estimated delivery information. The part will be delivered within a few days, which is a stark comparison to traditional methods that take several weeks.

Automated Workflow

Materialise supported SCHUNK with software for 3D Printing to create a user-friendly interface that automates the design phase and allows for immediate order placement. In addition, the platform is integrated with Materialise’s Additive Manufacturing automation and control software Materialise Streamics and places orders automatically in Materialise’s certified production for laser-sintered Polyamide 12. It’s the combination of 3D Printing software and manufacturing that lead to this brand-new and innovative service.

The Hermes Award

Every year, the German Messe AG rewards one innovative solution in the industrial technology field with the Hermes Award. In April 2015, five companies were nominated for this prestigious industry award and SCHUNK was one of them! It is a great achievement that SCHUNK was selected from 70 companies based in 10 different countries. SCHUNK eGrip definitely brings tailored solutions for grippers to a whole new level!

“eGrip is a strong example of the innovative ideas  you can realize when you combine the core competences of two leaders in their fields – SCHUNK for Gripping and Clamping and Materialise for 3D Printing software and services.”
– Marcel Nagel, Head of Product and Portfolio Management Gripping Systems, SCHUNK


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