Staying Connected

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A man and a woman at Materialsie hugging with a ping pong paddle in hand

In an era where hybrid work models are the new norm, staying connected and fostering a sense of belonging among employees can be a challenge. At Materialise, we're not just tackling this challenge head-on; we're turning it into an opportunity to bring colleagues together and have fun. 

France: Chief Happiness Officer leads the way

In France, they've appointed a Chief Happiness Officer, Matthieu Lecrevisse, who represents our dedication to employee well-being. He crafts a diverse monthly calendar of activities, blending virtual and physical experiences to connect our team, no matter where they are. From remote fun games to karaoke after work, our Paris team fosters camaraderie while also embracing sustainability through initiatives like the "sponsor your seed" project, turning our office terrace into a thriving vegetable garden. 

Materialise Paris team smiling and waving in front of the office building

Germany: A model for collaboration and cohesion

In Germany, Office Manager Marcus Joppe has implemented a plan aimed at improving collaboration, communication, and camaraderie within the team. The plan focuses on transparent communication about organizational changes, designated in-person office days from Tuesday to Thursday, and a robust schedule of team-building activities. These activities, including poker, table football, and video game tournaments, have not only enhanced teamwork but have also positively impacted the office environment.

Materialise Germany team sitting around a poker table smiling with one team member holding the camera for a selfie
Materialise Germany team watching football on a screen

Football tournaments: uniting colleagues through sport

We’re renowned for technological solutions that make a difference. To help fuel this drive for change, we encourage fun team sports like football tournaments across our offices in Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Belgium. These tournaments emphasize unity and memorable experiences rather than just competition, fostering enthusiasm among participants. Jurgen Laudus, VP of Manufacturing, encapsulates this spirit, describing the tournaments as an absolute blast that truly captures the Materialise vibe.

Materialise HQ soccer team posing in front of a net
All-female Materialise HQ soccer team smiling and waving
Materialise HQ management's soccer team smiling on the field

Materialise Malaysia: nurturing health and well-being

Materialise Malaysia (MatMal) has taken a comprehensive approach to employee well-being in 2023, including global energy management initiatives and local programs like "Better Health, Better Life" and "Stress Relievers at Work" sessions, along with health screenings for a holistic well-being assessment. This multi-year effort underscores MatMal's commitment to nurturing a healthy and sustainable workforce, reflecting Materialise's dedication to caring for its greatest asset — our people. 

Materialise Malaysia team smiling and posing with frisbees
A female Materialise Malaysia employee standing on a machine during a wellness check
Materialise Malaysia team playing ping pong

In summary, Materialise's global initiatives showcase a company that not only embraces innovation but also places a strong emphasis on the well-being and connectivity of our employees. Join us in shaping a brighter post-COVID future together. 

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