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Making the most of 3D printing means understanding what the technology is best at. In order to achieve ground-breaking, successful applications with this technology, a solid foundation of additive manufacturing knowledge is imperative. Explore our workshops, design guides, whitepapers, and videos to learn about the different 3D printing technologies and ideal applications.


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Advance your 3D printing know-how by attending one of our educational events led by AM experts.


Check out our whitepapers, webinars, and videos to find inspiration on how to tackle challenges and create solutions that work.

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Materialise Academy | Software

Discover how to optimize your use of software and empower 3D printing innovation each and every day. Join us in the transformation of numerous industries thanks to 3D printing.

Materialise Academy | Medical

Learn about healthcare experts' work and our team's insights through webinars, tutorials, and documentation on software and Medical 3D Printing services. Together, we'll build the path to a better and healthier world.