Automation and Control in Magics Simulation

2 min

For the Magics Simulation Module, Materialise Magics 24 brings you a range of automation features designed to give more control and facilitate its use. With the optimal voxel size setting, you get a shortcut to the best balance of accuracy and speed in your simulation. Need to tweak the values? You can edit the voxel size in all three dimensions. If you routinely run multiple simulations, you can now use the new queueing system in the job manager to queue up multiple simulation jobs and run them in sequence. Once your results are ready, you can make use of the updated Result Settings to customize your result visualization in Magics, for example setting fixed minimum and maximum values for all layers.


This video has been recorded using Materialise Magics 23.

Tutorial created on August 22, 2019
Last modified on August 22, 2019

Author(s): Alberto Guarin

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