PA-AF (Aluminum Filled)

General guidelines


PA-AF parts can be easily milled, unlike parts printed with PA 12.

Hinges and springs

PA-AF is a harder material than PA12 (SLS), but it is also more brittle. These characteristics make PA-AF unsuitable for flexible parts, hinges, and springs; these applications are better served by PA12 (SLS).

Guidelines for sealing

For sealing, we post-process your part with an aqueous solution to fill the small pores and close the outer surface or skin. Depending on the design, the sealing solution is manually applied or through dipping.

Sample 3D design of a part in aluminum on a computer window

Technical specifications

Maximum part dimensions

630 x 330 x 550 mm

Standard accuracy

±0.3% (with a lower limit of ±0.3 mm)

Layer thickness

0.15 mm

Minimum wall thickness

1 mm

Minimum detail size

0.3 mm

Interlocking or moving parts


Internal channels


Surface structure

Grainy structure

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