How to Analyze Wall Thickness in Materialise 3-Matic

8 min

This tutorial shows how to perform a wall thickness analysis in Materialise 3-matic. Analyzing wall thickness can be helpful in determining the printability of thin structures, and can even be used to incorporate a color map onto a printed model.


This tutorial was recorded using Materialise 3-matic 11.

Tutorial created on 3 February 2017
Last modified on 3 January 2018

Author(s): Kevin Townsend

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Materialise medical device software may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory or medical practices in individual markets. In countries where no regulatory registration is obtained of Mimics or 3-matic Medical, a research version is available. Please contact your Materialise representative if you have questions about the availability of Materialise medical device software in your area.


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