Quality in all we do

Quality lasts. It’s what keeps solutions relevant over time. So our state-of-the-art software and high-quality prints and services are constantly being refined to ensure our customers get the quality and reliability they deserve. And as the technology and your needs evolve, so does our approach to quality.

The Materialise Quality Policy

We implement quality in everything we do. This means we are continuously improving ourselves, enabling every employee and manager at Materialise to make a commitment guaranteeing quality in compliance with regulatory requirements.

We have dedicated ourselves to innovating product development that contributes to a better and healthier world as well as aiming to fully understand, anticipate and satisfy the needs of our customers, suppliers and partners.

We provide the backbone for 3D printing technology, and by implementing the Materialise Quality Policy, we are able to deliver high-value service and products to our customers in our three main areas of expertise: manufacturing, software and medical.


ISO 9001

Materialise values quality management principles according to ISO9001:2015, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. On a regular basis, we perform customer surveys or customer journey workshops to receive customer input. This triggers and enables us to constantly improve the entire organization.

Download the ISO 9001 certificate


ISO 13485

Materialise touches individual lives with our medical devices and every resulting story is patient-specific.  Each step in designing and manufacturing patient-specific medical devices and medical device software follows the regulatory focused quality management system for medical devices compliant to ISO 13485:2016 to ensure safe and effective products.

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As providers of high-quality prototypes, production tools and cutting-edge software, we’ve already enjoyed a long collaboration with the aerospace industry. Since adopting specific aerospace industry standards, we have received EASA Part 21G and EN9100 certification. This allows authorized delivery of airworthy additive manufactured end-use parts. By obtaining these certifications, we’ve proven to meet the industry demands in:

– Quality and safety
– Reliability and traceability
– Project management and administration

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ISO 14001

As a 3D printing company with industrial and medical production facilities, we have a responsibility towards the environment around us. We keep this top of mind each day thanks to our environmental management system that ensures our workflows adhere to ISO 14001. We're moving towards a sustainable future with focuses on minimizing waste, efficient water and energy use, reducing raw material usage, and much more.

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The automotive industry is becoming digitized. In this modern landscape, we share sensitive data virtually. And that’s why at RapidFit, our division for automotive inspection fixtures and production tools, we always take TISAX-certified steps to ensure that all information going through our systems is secure. We take confidentiality and data security very seriously, and our customers can feel confident that our measures are in line with the industry requirements.