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Vorschau der Wabenstruktur in Materialise Magics

A honeycomb structure allows you to reduce weight and material usage while preserving strength and functional use. This Materialise Magics tutorial explains how to use the real-time preview and transformation function, allowing you to preview and move the honeycomb structure before it is generated. This will reduce time spent on trial & error operations. You can combine the preview with a multi-section to inspect the entire part and check how the honeycomb structure will be cut on the inside. Having full control on the structure’s position will enable you to avoid tiny cells and achieve a symmetrical honeycomb structure. Finally, you will learn how to create a honeycomb part that doesn’t need support structure, eliminating the efforts of support removal.  

Dieses Video zeigt die Funktionen in Materialise Magics 23. (Video auf Englisch)


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0:11 - Vorschau der Struktur und Steuerung der Positionierung

0:43 - Strukturanalyse über das gesamte Bauteil mit Vielfachschnitten

1:00 - Supports vermeiden und dadurch Nachbearbeitung verkürzen

Erstellt von Alberto Guarin
Tutorial erstellt am 31 August 2018
Zuletzt geändert am 31 August 2018

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