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Compare different meshes with Part Comparison

Are you switching back and forth between two similar meshes to compare shape deviations, after a series of design iterations? The Part Comparison feature in Materialise Magics 24 allows you to easily compare two meshes in an integrated before-and-after view, using a gradient color map linked to differential values. View at a glance where the shape deviations lie and check easily whether a design iteration would breach your part tolerances. If you're working with the Magics Simulation Module, you can also use this feature to compare a compensated part with the original.

This video has been recorded using Materialise Magics 24.


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0:00 - View at a glance differences in the part design from different iterations

0:40 - Analyze shape deviation when repairing or editing and check if the part lies in the tolerances set

1:30 - Thanks to Magics Simulation, analyze the deformation derived from printing process

Author(s) Alberto Guarin
Tutorial created on 22 August 2019
Last modified on 22 August 2019

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