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Automated transfer support from similar parts

When working with multiple rounds of design iterations, the hours can quickly add up if you have to start your support structures from zero. Re-creating support structures from scratch costs you time. Thanks to the transfer support feature in Materialise Magics 24, you can save time by replicating the majority of support structures from a similar part. Use color-coded zones to identify supports that were not transferred from your reference part, as well as supports that have been newly generated for your current part. If you're working with the Magics Simulation Module, this feature also allows you to transfer supports to a compensated part after running a simulation.

This video has been recorded using Materialise Magics 24.


Video topics

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0:00 - Transfer support from a previous design iteration

0:30 - Automatically orient parts while transferring support

0:51 - Replicate the support on the generated counter-deformed part from Magics Simulation

Author(s) Alberto Guarin
Tutorial created on 22 August 2019
Last modified on 22 August 2019

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