What’s New in Magics 26 — The Best of CAD and Mesh

By Aylin Kertik, Egwin Bovyn, and Laurens Schulte

Introducing the new easy-to-use, productivity-boosting tools and features in Magics 26. No matter the 3D printing technology you use, Magics offers an industry-leading workflow for data and build preparation.

Join our software experts in this interview to see the latest updates in action.

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What’s New in Magics 26


In this recording, you will learn:

  • About the seamless transition between editing, fixing, and analyzing your parts with both CAD and mesh tools

  • How to leverage mesh tools in the new platform workspace to prepare your build

  • How to simultaneously nest parts with support for optimal electron beam melting (EBM) stacking

  • How to generate cone and tree supports that are more versatile and performant

  • About the product development vision behind Magics 26

  • The answers to questions during our Q&A


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