How to Overcome Build Prep Challenges with Controlled Nesting

By Katie Esper, Steven Ostrowski, Victor Lopez from Parker Hannifin 

Optimized nesting with SLS or MJF helps users overcome challenges often encountered during the build prep stage by reducing costs, streamlining processes, and more. 

During this free webinar, Materialise experts join AM Engineer Victor Lopez from Parker Hannifin to discuss how having control over the nesting process with Magics’ Sinter Module enables a quick, optimized nesting solution to overcome these challenges. 


In this webinar, you will :

  • Learn about the most common challenges users face during the build preparation phase;
  • Find out why an optimized nesting process is crucial ;
  • Discover how controlling the nesting process provides a quick and straightforward way to overcome these challenges; 
  • Hear about how Parker Hannifin benefits from the Magics’ Sinter Module 


Parts nested using Magics’ Sinter Module

Katie Esper

Katie Esper,
Account Manager, Materialise

Steven Ostrowski

Steven Ostrowski,
Application Engineer, Materialise

Victor Lopez

Victor Lopez,
AM Engineer, Parker Hannifin

About the speakers

Victor Lopez, AM Engineer, Parker Hannifin

Victor has been immersed in additive manufacturing since the beginning of his career.  After finishing a Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Victor joined Parker Hannifin’s Aerospace Group where he analyzed additive manufacturing technologies’ impact on the Aerospace industry.  Victor worked to understand the fundamentals of the technology, the design & manufacturing opportunities and the business knowledge needed to identify successful applications.  His current role moved him across the country to Cleveland, OH to be part of the opening team of the Additive Manufacturing Lab at Parker Hannifin’s Advanced Manufacturing Learning and Development Center.  For the past 3 years, Victor has been operating AM equipment, managing daily lab operations of additive platforms, developing & delivering AM curriculum, and identifying additive opportunities across all divisions of the corporation. 

Katie Esper, Account Manager, Materialise 

Katie Esper has over 11 years of account management experience across aerospace, automotive, and medical industries, amongst others. In her current role at Materialise, Katie helps Fortune 500 companies and small business owners alike reach their goals for growth through customizing 3D printing solutions based on their specific business drivers and challenges. Due to her experience working with customers across a wide-range of industries, Katie has gained expertise in consulting solutions for the great range of applications produced throughout the AM community. 

Steven Ostrowski, Application Engineer, Materialise 

Steven has been utilizing additive manufacturing since 2017 and is currently an Application Engineer with Materialise. He loves to “make additive work” for companies and the manufacturing process while engaging in his favorite part of the job, facilitating custom software solutions for manufacturing processes. Steven has been an active member of SME, a nonprofit in support of the manufacturing industry, since 2016, where he reviews scholarship applications, enabling students with a passion for manufacturing to make their dreams a reality. 

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