How to Use Simulation and Reduce Costs in Metal AM

by Manuel Michiels

When you’ve been using Metal 3D Printing for some time, your main challenge isn’t how to make it work. It’s how to make it worthwhile.

Join Manuel Michiels for a 40-minute webinar, where he’ll demonstrate why simulation software is the key to unlocking cost efficiency and productivity in your metal additive manufacturing production.


How to Use Simulation and Reduce Costs in Metal AM


In this webinar you will learn:

    • What the most expensive steps in Metal AM production are
    • How to reduce your scrap rate by 50% and save on material costs
    • How to conduct accurate AM simulations without being a simulation expert

    Manuel Michiels

    Manuel Michiels,
    Market Innovation Manager,

    About the speaker

    Manuel Michiels, Market Innovation Manager, Materialise
    Manuel Michiels is a forward-thinking technologist with a particular passion for Additive Manufacturing. As a market innovation manager at Materialise Software, Manuel works on enriching the company’s product portfolio with new technologies and applications based on business and market intelligence. Manuel co-develops projects in which external companies, such as Siemens PLM, rely on the expertise of Materialise’s leading technology to strengthen their entry into Additive Manufacturing.

    In this webinar, Manuel will explore the business opportunities and challenges in unlocking efficiency in Metal 3D Printing using AM Simulation.

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