How to efficiently manage, streamline and connect your AM activities with Materialise Streamics

by Dave Flynn and Miguel Verdejo

In the past few decades, the challenges of Additive Manufacturing (AM) have been to be able to make designs printable, use the right materials and machines, and find the right applications. Today's AM challenges are about making it worthwhile, by being cost-efficient and productive while integrating and connecting inside the digital factory.

During this webinar, you will discover how Streamics, as an AM production management and control system, enables service providers and bureaus as well as end-part manufacturers to get the most out of the potential that 3D printing has to offer.


Follow this webinar to get key insights into how Streamics:

  • Centralizes management of your day-to-day AM operations

  • Connects into your business, including through ERP and order management systems

  • Enables you to analyze and improve your productivity

  • Enables you to scale up your AM operations with confidence


You’ll get a glimpse into the needs and solutions for design-to-end-part workflows for different production set-ups, such as one-off production, serial manufacturing and R&D manufacturing. Plus, you’ll see how Streamics offers a central backbone solution for these AM operations

We’ll highlight some key functionalities and features in a demo and share testimonials from key players in the automotive and aerospace industries, such as Hyundai Motor Company and GE Aviation.

Dave Flynn Senior Business Development Manager

Dave Flynn,
Senior Business Development Manager,

Miguel Verdejo Process Consultant, Manufacturing Solutions

Miguel Verdejo,
Process Consultant,
Manufacturing Solutions, Materialise

About the speakers

Dave Flynn, Senior Business Development Manager, Materialise
As a Sr. Business Development Manager, Dave partners with customers to find best-fit solutions based on business drivers and challenges. Dave leads the US Streamics team for Materialise, and actively works with product management and marketing teams to advance the Streamics product.

Dave has a passion for Additive Manufacturing. In 1987 at Baxter Healthcare, Dave led a team beta testing the 3D Systems SLA-1, the first commercially available AM technology. Dave went on to co-found AM service bureaus Prototype Express and Express Pattern and later worked as Director of On-Demand Parts Manufacturing at 3D Systems Corporation. Dave holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

Miguel Verdejo, Process Consultant, Manufacturing Solutions, Materialise
As a Business Consultant for AM solutions, Miguel assists customers with the optimization of their AM process. He helps them identify opportunities for process improvement by modification of their procedures, change management, and incorporation of new software to automate processes.

Additionally, Miguel helps customers identify how their process can be improved by utilizing various software tools from Materialise including Streamics, Magics, eStage, and Build Processors.

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