Automating 3D Printing Production: Scale Up While Protecting Margins


By Nico Roose, Julie Kraemer, Lieve Boeykens and Donovan Weber from Forecast 3D

Recent studies from organizations, such as Jabil and Ernst & Young, found that the 3D printing industry will grow dramatically over the next 2-5 years and that the market will become more and more competitive.

As a 3D printing service provider, how do you prepare your organization for successful growth while protecting your margins? We believe the key is efficiency. Efficiency that can be brought about quickly, easily, and affordably through automation.

In this roundtable discussion with Nico Roose from Materialise Manufacturing and Donovan Weber from Forecast 3D, we’ll be discussing why an effective automation process is key to getting the most out of resources, including manpower, materials, and machines.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to prepare for growth in the 3D printing industry

  • How to benefit from the advantages of automation for various 3DP technologies

  • How to protect your margins by embracing efficiency



Nico Roose

Nico Roose,
Production Director,
Materialise Manufacturing


Donovan Weber,
President of FORECAST 3D

Lieve Boeykens

Lieve Boeykens,
Sales and Presales Enablement Manager,

Julie Kraemer

Julie Kraemer,
Marketing Manager,

About the speakers

Nico Roose, Production Director, Materialise Manufacturing

Nico has a master’s degree in applied science in electro-technics and automation, and is currently the Production Director at Materialise Manufacturing. In this role, he supports Materialise Manufacturing’s various production sites to efficiently and reliably offer a huge variety of 3D-printed and 3D printing-related products to the market.

Donovan Weber, President of FORECAST 3D

Donovan Weber, President of FORECAST 3D, co-founded the company in 1994 shortly after the introduction of commercial Additive Manufacturing systems in the marketplace. Weber created the company with a forward-mindset, knowing that the advancements in materials and technology would lead to production opportunities in Additive Manufacturing. Today, FORECAST 3D is approaching the future of production. In addition to its well-established prototype model operations, the additive company operates the largest service fleet of HP's MJF equipment in the world. Forecast 3D continues to grow with a focus on the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing at scale for higher volume production applications. The company continues to expand as a global leader with North American Additive plants in Carlsbad, CA and Auburn Hills, MI as well as in China and Germany.

Lieve Boeykens, Sales and Presales Enablement Manager, Materialise

Lieve Boeykens is one of the driving forces of Materialise’s software division. Her journey at Materialise started in 1996 when the company was pioneering the use of Additive Manufacturing. She has since served the company in various positions in diverse areas going from product and innovation to sales management. Today as Sales Enablement Manager she uses her industry knowledge and experience to guide the team to serve customers better. Lieve holds a Master’s degree in physics as well as a degree in biomedical and clinical engineering from KU Leuven.

Julie Kraemer, Marketing Manager, Materialise

Julie started her marketing career the same year Materialise was established in 1990. She brings 30 years of experience helping technology leaders increase awareness and find customers that benefit from the latest applications to grow their business.

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