Solutions for complex hip surgery:
How to get started

by Prof. Dr. med. Burkhard W. Wippermann | Chief physician at the Helios Hospital Hildesheim

Prof. Dr. med. Wippermann, chief physician at the Helios Hospital Hildesheim, has a long-term experience in treating complex hip defects. During this webinar, he will explain why he opted for the Materialise aMace solution, share some of his key learnings, and demonstrate its most important benefits.

In 2016, Prof. Dr. Wipperman got in touch with Materialise to find a suitable treatment for one of his patients. Since then, the orthopaedic surgeon has already performed 9 surgeries with aMace. During the webinar, he will present his very first aMace case as well as other concrete cases within a range of indications. These hands-on examples will enable you to explore the process (from sending in images, to 3D analysis and design, to printing and starting up the surgery), its major values and benefits, and tips and tricks for fellow surgeons who are new to these techniques. All supported by post-op results of the included cases.


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Key highlights of the webinar

  • How a 3D pre-operative plan and analysis helps you gain a better understanding of a particular defect and how it can shift the surgical strategy.
  • Explore the most important values and benefits of patient-specific solutions, illustrated by hands-on case examples – including extensive post-op results.
  • How to determine the range of indications that can trigger a patient-specific hip solution and how to convince your hospital team.
  • How to overcome the challenges of applying these solutions to your first surgery.
  • Tips and tricks for fellow surgeons who are new to these techniques.
  • The practicalities of working with engineers to optimize the individualized implant design, screw length, and positioning plan.
  • How to involve the patient and how to leverage the trial models for improved patient communication.

About the speaker

Prof. Dr. med. Wippermann studied medicine at the University of Marburg, at Hanover Medical School and at the Mayo Clinic. He received his medical license in 1982 and his specialist certification in surgery in 1992. He has been an attending physician at the Clinic for Trauma Surgery in Hannover and has become the Head of Trauma and Orthopedic Surgery at the HELIOS Hospital Hildesheim in Germany in 2001. He is a member of several specialist societies since 1986. He specializes in:

  • Endoprostheses and joint surgery
  • Correction of malunions and malpositioning of the limbs
  • Musculoskeletal tumor surgery

This content is intended for Health Care Professionals only.

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