Complex Glenoids in My Practice

by Carl Ekholm, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor | Dept. Orthopaedics Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteborg, Sweden

Moderator: Joyce van den Broeck

In his webinar, Prof. Ekholm discusses how he used a glenoid implant instead of a bone graft to treat challenging cases of glenoid bone defect reconstruction.

He starts by explaining why a glenoid can easily be consumed by forms of arthritis or reactions to previous implants. There are multiple defect classifications available to determine the damage of the glenoid bone and several treatment options to restore the joint. But some cases are beyond the limit of reaming or grafting.

During the webinar, three such cases are discussed, two from Prof. Ekholm, and one from Dr. Wolf. All cases included the use of patient-specific implants made with Medical 3D Printing.


What you’ll learn in this webinar

  • A bit of theory: anatomical features of the glenoid, why the glenoid bone is such a precious commodity and the different classifications
  • The different methods you could use for correction (e.g. corrective reaming, structural grafting)
  • Why some cases are beyond the limit of standard implants with bone graft and why Prof. Ekholm opted for a different technique
  • The different steps of working with Materialise for a patient-specific implant illustrated by pre-operative plans, analysis and post-operative results of three patient caseshat anatomical geometry does an implant need to fit?

About the speaker

Carl Ekholm, M.D., Ph.D., studied at the University of Gothenburg and did a one year trainings in plastic surgery and in orthopedic surgery in Australia. He is currently head of the upper limb trauma and joint replacement unit of Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Associate Professor at the University of Göteborg, Sweden. His currently doing studies on proximal humeral fractures – RSA vs HA, elbow arthroplasty TER vs HER and wrist fractures. He is the co-founder and a board member of The Swedish National Fracture Registry. Prof. Ekholm did his first case with Materialise in 2015.


This content is intended for Health Care Professionals only.

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