Application of Modelling and Simulation in Cardiovascular Engineering

By Dr. Simon Sonntag, Chief Operating Officer at enmodes GmbH

The advanced engineering concepts and complex hemodynamic conditions of blood-carrying medical devices demand new tools to support the development process. Computer-aided simulations and virtual anatomy studies promise to reduce research and development time and costs compared to conventional approaches and give further insights where in vivo and in vitro experiments are not capable of.

The service company enmodes GmbH offers a wide range of assistance and consulting for translational biomedical developments from small research projects to complex ventures based on our clients’ requirements. Starting from computer-supported modeling to production and testing, enmodes GmbH accompanies companies on the road to product maturity.

This webinar will show some examples of the company’s capabilities in the field of blood pumps, oxygenators, and heart valves.

Dr. Simon Sonntag

About the speaker

Dr. Simon Sonntag studied applied mathematics with specialization in medical engineering and medical image processing at the TU Munich and NUS in Singapore. After completing his degree in 2011, Dr. Sonntag went to Aachen to do his PhD in Medical Engineering at the Institute of Applied Medical Technology, Department of Cardiovascular Engineering.

After his graduation in 2014, Dr. Sonntag worked as the head of research at the institute and parallel as the Chief Operating Officer at the emerging company enmodes GmbH, where he has a full time position since beginning of this year. enmodes provides design and engineering services to medical device companies with a major focus on validated computational analyses and optimizations.


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