HP Interview: “Openness and Collaboration Is Key to the Growth of the 3D Printing Industry”

November 22, 2017

Ms. Virginia Palacios, Director of Strategic Customer Engagement in the 3DP Business at HP, shares the key advantages of their multi fusion technology, how the industry can grow, what barriers we need to overcome together to transform the $12 trillion manufacturing industry and to change how the world designs and manufactures.

We want to grow the market in orders of magnitude and believe there is no company that can do this by itself. Openness of the system is going to be key to the growth of the market. We need the whole ecosystem to work together to really transform the industry.

— Virginia Palacios, Director of Strategic Customer Engagement in the 3DP Business at HP

Materialise is one of the companies that collaborated with HP from the start, when developing a Build Processor for the Multi Jet Fusion machine. “The role of the HP Build Processor by Materialise is to ensure that the key software existing today is perfectly integrated with our machine, so that the user has a very easy start-up with the machine and the barriers to multi fusion technology are very low”.

Some barriers that still exist are design for additive manufacturing (AM). Mechanical engineers are raised with the limits of traditional manufacturing and HP believes it’s important to open up their minds to the limitless freedom of design that 3D Printing offers. We need to work together to educate the next generation of engineers.

Watch the interview Ms. Palacios gave to Stefaan Motte, Materialise VP.

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