Interviewing Concept Laser: “There Is a Need for More Industrialized, Automated and Stable Metal Solutions”

September 22, 2017

As metal 3D printing is evolving from a prototyping technology into a fully-fledged production technology, the requirements of machine platforms have changed completely to meet each new demand. Concept Laser pioneered the earliest fully dense metal manufacturing processes in the 1990’s, and they now have over 650 systems operating worldwide. We had the opportunity to talk to Oliver Edelmann, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing of Concept Laser, now part of the GE Group, who told us about the evolution and challenges of metal additive manufacturing (AM) and where the industry should focus to prepare the technology for its next big step.

Today metal machines are getting more productive, so the set-up and removal times of the parts from the machines are getting more important. The current challenges of metal 3D printing are speed and integration of the machines with other manufacturing technologies. Additionally, we need to implement more artificial intelligence into the machines, processes and software to make the process less operator-dependent than it is today.

— Oliver Edelmann, Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing, Concept Laser

Edelmann also explains Concept Laser’s decision to further open their machine parameters to enable sectors like aerospace and healthcare to create applications that comply with their demanding certification processes. Anticipating our next announcement, he also commented on the new Concept Laser Build Processor, which is being developed in collaboration with Materialise, and how it will facilitate the interface with other control programs.

Watch the interview for more insights!

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