Machine Manufacturer Carima Speaks of the Impact of Materialise Technology

May 17, 2017

Materialise recently announced their partnership with Korean 3D printer manufacturer Carima. They will bundle Materialise Magics Print software for their line of Digital Light Processing printers. This flexible software allows 3D printer manufacturers to offer data preparation solutions to their customers, making it possible to repair files and prepare them for printing in a much simpler and more efficient way.

At Carima, we are proud to offer high-quality printers as well as great service, and fulfilling the needs of our customers is our number one priority. By partnering with Materialise, we aim to further improve the service we offer our customers by giving them access to Materialise’s industry-leading software, with a data preparation solution that will improve the user-experience both before and after a part is 3D printed.

— Byungkeuk Lee, CEO of Carima

Our opinion on the 3DP industry is that playtime is over: it’s time for efficiency, automation and serious industrial manufacturing. But how is Carima responding to the challenges in the market? What is their machine capable of? And what are the strengths of their partnership with Materialise?

Watch the interview between Stefaan Motte, Vice President of Software at Materialise, and Byungkeuk Lee, CEO of Carima, to find out.

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