Sign for My Future: Why Materialise’s CEO Has Joined Belgium’s Biggest Climate Initiative

April 3, 2019

“Sign for my future” is among Belgium’s biggest and fastest growing initiatives to address climate change, collecting over 100,000 signatures within its first week. This citizen-led initiative aims to collect as many signatures as possible via its website in support of a clear mandate and a more ambitious climate policy for Belgium.

Tackling climate change for a better and healthier world

The “Sign for my future” campaign grew out of concern for the world in which future generations will live and for the reduced quality of life they will inherit if not enough is done, starting now, to address the excessive global warming we are facing. The tangible, long term objective of the campaign is to make Belgium climate-neutral by 2050. This will require immediate action, already reducing emissions over the next five years.

Young girl posing by a bunch, giving a thumbs up, with white paint on her finger
The “Sign for my future” campaign grew out of concern for the world in which future generations will live

Working against climate change will create sustainable economic activity, more jobs, better air quality and better health for all. Achieving the 2050 goal requires a more ambitious climate policy for Belgium and this in turn requires providing political leaders with a clear mandate from as many citizens, civil society organisations and CEOs as possible.

The “Sign for my future” mandate requests that the government does everything necessary to achieve the Paris climate targets. In keeping with our mission to create a better and healthier world, our CEO, Fried Vancraen, has joined a number of other Belgian business leaders as campaign ambassador and pledged his support.

Yes, we can!

The campaign is entirely politically neutral and aims to address all citizens irrespective of their political ambitions. It also aims to convey a positive message, that together we can bring about an important change. The initiative is of a time-bound nature and will come to a close at the end of May.

The signature collection has already begun and will continue until the Belgian elections on May 26, 2019.

Child posing in a stairway, giving a thumbs up with white paint on the thumb

Read more about the “Sign for my future” initiative on their website (in Dutch and French). Should you live in Belgium, we invite you to sign for my future now. For those living in other countries, we encourage you to learn more about initiatives in your local communities.

Sustainability is more than just a word for Materialise, it’s a pledge. Our mission to make the world a better and healthier place has been a defining factor of our company since the beginning. Our participation in the “Sign for my future” initiative is part of Materialise’s broader Corporate Social Responsibility program which aims to help sustain the world in which we live and create the company and planet we envision.

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