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3D Planning and Personalized Guides for Knee Arthroplasty

The best-laid plans are only as good as the execution. By combining our cost-effective surgical guides with 3D planning, you can enhance the predictability of both total and partial knee arthroplasty.

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As the world's largest supplier of knee guides, we're proud to support our partners with the capacity, stability, and reliability they require to help surgeons increase patient outcomes.



“The technology helps the surgeon make a very detailed pre-operative plan based on a 3D reconstruction of MRI or CT scans.”
- Johan Hermans, EMEA Associate Director for Personalized Solutions, Zimmer Biomet.  

Target personalized alignment with powerful 3D planning

Our flexible planning tools support your preferred alignment technique. Whether it's mechanical, kinematic, restricted kinematic, functional, or another method of your choice, you can choose the right plan for every patient.

Gain precious insights through an in-depth assessment of the patient’s anatomy and personalize the resection levels in the surgical plan.

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color map

Discover cartilage wear patterns using the unique Cartilage Color Map

 Transparency and bone implant overlays

Assess implant sizing for overhang and osteophytes using Bone Transparency and Bone-Implant Overlays

color resection

Assess notching and the completion of distal and anterior femoral cuts using Colored Resections

Discover the 3D Planner

Total Knee Planner

Partial Knee Planner

Discover the precision of personalized guides

3D-printed surgical knee guides are a valuable tool used in hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers around the world. Precise execution is especially important when performing a personalized alignment.

Transfer preoperative plans accurately and efficiently into the OR

Reproduce a surgical plan with fewer outliers compared to conventional surgery

Control execution of your preferred alignment method with precision

Streamline knee replacements

Personalized knee planning and guides have the potential to help more than just the patient. They also provide great value for hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers.

Streamline procedures for a more efficient OR so that you can treat more patients in a single day.

Lower the cost of sterilization by reducing the number of necessary instruments.

Accelerating innovation

The future of healthcare demands the ability to adapt to unforeseen changes quickly. We're currently working on new solutions to help meet these needs.

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 Artificial Intelligence

Our research on Artificial Intelligence demonstrates that 50% fewer changes were needed to personalize preoperative plans.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality navigation tools create a new, immersive, and adaptable way of visualizing 3D data and plans before and during surgery.

Soft Tissue Simulation

New Materialise technology uses Soft Tissue Simulation and kinematics to optimize implant position, closely mimicking the native knee.

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