Acetabular Reconstructions in Patients with Severe Defects: Literature Review and Clinical Outcomes 


About this webinar

Three out of 25 patients who need an acetabular reconstruction have a severe defect classified as Paprosky type III or AAOS type III-IV. In these cases, ensuring a sustainable solution for the patient becomes particularly challenging. Many studies have explored the clinical outcomes of standard versus personalized implants for acetabular reconstructions. However, specific outcomes for patients with severe acetabular defects have received little focus.

This webinar explores the results of a literature search aimed at evaluating clinical outcomes for patients with severe acetabular defects. It looks at the differences between using modular systems with standard components and personalized solutions, like CTAC and Materialise aMace.

What you will learn

  • About studies on standard implants that report higher implant failure rates than personalized solutions when focusing on patients with severe defects
  • How patients with even the most severe defects and low preoperative Harris Hip Scores can achieve good clinical outcomes with personalized solutions
  • How personalized solutions can limit adverse events such as infection



Kim Pauwels

Market Access Manager, Materialise

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