Restor3D’s Approach to Scaling Personalization in Orthopaedics

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM UTC
Blue puzzle pieces with the words quality, cost, time, and solutions on them.

About this webinar

Explore the transformative impact of automation in enabling scalable workflows and discover how Restor3D — a nascent academic spin-off — became a thriving orthopaedic company.

This pivotal shift in Restor3D’s MedDevice scale-up journey allowed them to simplify time-consuming processes and commercialize with shorter lead times for patient-specific implants and instruments. It was successful mass-personalization at scale, and it started with the collaboration between Restor3D and Materialise.

What you will learn

  • Learn to reduce lead times and simplify complex processes while gaining insights into how to use Mimics Innovation Suite automation and AI tools
  • Increase collaboration between R&D and clinical users and learn from the success stories of Mimics users
  • Participate in a live Q&A to understand how to tailor your situation so you, too, can scale to mass personalization  


Hannah White

Head of Automation and AI Engineering, Restor3D

Zack Struczewski

Application Engineer, Materialise

Bastien Pirson

Market Manager Ortho & CMF, Materialise

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Materialise medical device software may not be available in all markets because product availability is subject to the regulatory or medical practices in individual markets. In countries where no regulatory registration is obtained of Mimics or 3-matic Medical, a research version is available. Please contact your Materialise representative if you have questions about the availability of Materialise medical device software in your area.


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