Reducing Risks and R&D Costs in Orthopaedics through Population-Based Virtual and Physical Bone Models

About this webinar

Guest speaker Damon Mogridge (Marketing Manager, Emerging Markets) will present how Smith and Nephew have developed and validated a new knee product with the combined input of a CT medical database and the new evidence-based Sawbones workshop models. Join us for this exciting webinar introducing the new partnership between Materialise and Sawbones.

What you will learn

  • How Materialise’s Anatomical Data Mining Services (ADaM) allow you to easily process medical image data to better understand and quantify anatomical shape variation when designing implants for a specific population
  • How Sawbones uses 3D reconstructions to create composite testing and workshop bones that match desired patient demographics
  • How to analyze variation in populations using medical imaging
  • How to optimize implant sizing and design a better fit
  • How to validate proposed implant designs against an anatomical database 
  • How to reduce the number of design iterations and costly cadaver labs



Damon Mogridge

Marketing Manager, Emerging Markets, Smith and Nephew

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