Making Pulmonary Interventions Truly Personalized: From Treatment Development to Patient Care


About this webinar

Are you a medical device company that is developing a novel respiratory treatment, or that has a treatment solution on the market?

In this webinar recording, you will discover how data-driven technologies like artificial intelligence can help optimize respiratory treatment protocols, resulting in better clinical trial outcomes, and how clinicians benefit from smart patient screening and 3D planning tools to better prepare for treatments and achieve more predictable results. This webinar is brought to you by Fluidda and Materialise, bringing together decades of expertise in advanced respiratory imaging and personalized 3D planning.

What you will learn

  • How advanced CT analysis techniques uncover a deeper understanding of lung pathology and disease progression to define and optimize treatment parameters for your device
  • How smart patient screening and 3D treatment planning can lead to more successful clinical trials, trial time reduction, and a guarantee of predictable outcomes
  • How to cost-effectively scale your treatment planning when going from helping one patient to millions more


Maarten Lanclus PhD

CTO, Fluidda

Antoon Dierckx

Innovation Manager - Respiratory, Materialise

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