Meaningful Innovations in Personalized Care: Endoscopic, Computer-Guided Repair of the Orbital Floor

About this webinar

The Mimics Innovation Awards celebrate the most meaningful innovations in personalized care and open our minds to new and previously unimaginable possibilities. This year’s global winner, Dr. Alessandro Tel, and the team directed by Prof. Robiony at the University Hospital of Udine, Department of Maxillo Facial Surgery, developed an endoscopic procedure for the reconstruction of internal orbital floor fractures. Using this approach, they achieved several advantages, including avoidance of external scars, anatomically correct reconstruction of the orbital floor, resolution of enophthalmos and diplopia, minimal discomfort for the patient, and substantial reduction of costs.   

With this research on the impact of computer-aided surgery (CAS) on the overall accuracy of reconstruction to achieve the triple objective of restoring anatomy, volume, and function, they have taken innovative steps in an inspiring new approach to personalized care. 

What you will learn

  • All about a new protocol for the treatment of internal orbital floor fractures that combines endoscopy, virtual reality, and 3D printing
  • Why this research has been selected as the global winner of the Mimics Innovation Awards in an interview with Fried Vancraen, Founder and CEO of Materialise 
  • Which studies won the Mimics Innovation Awards for clinical evidence and non-clinical research


Pieter Slagmolen

Innovations Manager, Materialise

Fried Vancraen

Founder, CEO, Materialise

Dr. Alessandro Tel

Department of Maxillofacial Surgery, University Hospital of Udine

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